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Using a Home Quilting Machine to Sew a Seam

A really good quilt has that perfect line from panel to panel. The goal of finding a good pattern, precise cutting, careful pinning, and straight sewing is to get that perfect line. If you are not achieving that goal, you may be having a problem sewing a perfect 1/4" seam. Cutting is cutting, but the part of the fabric that you cut winds up underneath. The straight edge on the face of the quilt is nothing more or less than the edge created by your home quilting machine. There are some measures you can take to ensure that those edges are straight and precise. Quilting Machine

Find the Problem

Begin by setting up your usual tools. Cut two 2"x4" strips of dark colored fabric and one of light colored fabric. Make sure that the 1/4" presser foot is on your home quilting machine. Sew a light and dark strip together carefully aligning the edges of the fabric with the presser foot's right edge. Sew the other dark strip to the other side of the light strip in the same way. Press the seam allowances toward the light strip. Measure the light strip with a rotary ruler. If it is exactly 1 1/2" wide all of the way along and the light strips are exactly 1 3/4" long, then you don't have a problem. Just tale the same precautions with every seam you sew with your home quilting machine

Fix the Problem

If those measurements are not your result, check to make sure that you pressed the finished seam properly. Repress and measure again. If there is still a problem, the edges might have shifted while on your home quilting machine. Try pressing the panels together with a very warm iron. You can also try pinning the panels together and removing the pins before they reach the presser foot of the home quilting machine. 

If the measurement was correct in places but not exactly straight all along, try sewing more slowly to maintain control. Make more strips and try again. If you are still not getting the precise measurements, take a look at the presser foot of your home quilting machine and see if your model has a more exact setting or guide that you can use. Quilting Supplies

You can add your own guide by carefully placing a length of masking or painter's tape with an edge exactly 1/4" from the needle. With a guide in place on your home quilting machine, try another test. You should have exact measurements now. With precise use of your tools: rotary cutter, rotary ruler and home quilting machine, you can achieve the perfect line you love. High Speed Quilting Machine